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Hollywood Studio Company is originally a photography /video company.Part of our work is to give support to 7 companies that sell items over the Internet.What we do is we get the models and we shoot all their items and help them photo shop all their pictures. 7 years ago those companies used to use Ford models which used to get $2000 per day for an 8 hour shoot. Since the economy went down none of them can afford any more ford models.7 years ago we used to shoot for them only. Once the economy went down we started to hire new models that make $50 to $100 per hour only. Those companies are very happy; they cut their overhead by 50%, as well as us. There is no charge for test a shoot. The way we work is we will take a few pictures for you. We will show it to you and only to you. You will choose which ones you want to submit as your test shoot. If your picture is approved we will call you about 4 to 8 times each time for about 7 hours. If you are looking to be a high quality model....We are not the place. If you wish to make extra money yes we are the place. When you come for your interview we will show you all the models...thank you enjoy


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